Chris Sholar Interview (Guitarist For Beyonce/JayZ/Kanye West/Solange)

"In The Studio" with Chris Sholar

     I had the fortunate opportunity to ask Chris Sholar 5 questions about his experiences being "in the studio" and how he approaches his recording sessions as a guitarist. He has been in the studio with some of the most well known artists of our time such as Beyonce, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Mariah Carey, Snoop Dogg, John Legend, Dr. Dre and Stevie Wonder to name a few. Not to mention his credits and work in TV/'s almost endless.

1. What do you do to prepare for a recording session?

1) When I have a big session with a major artist I get prepared by watching highlight reels of Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant. Watching those clips get me motivated…Gets me in a "Killer Instinct"….so when I get to the studio and the beat come on…I attack!!!

2. What is your go to equipment in the studio... ie: Guitars; Amps; and Pedals?

2) I use Fender Guitars…Strats and Tele…(I'm looking to buy a Les Paul soon)….Fender Twin Reverb Amp…I love using Strymon Pedals….they are amazing….My engineer Blair Wells has lots of vintage gear (EchoPlex and Vintage Bison Echorec) He is a wizard with sounds…he makes me sound great.

3. What do you consider proper etiquette in the recording environment?

3) Proper Etiquette is …making the artist feel comfortable. Creating a positive easy going environment…Come prepared….But also laugh and have fun. It's easy to make music together when the energy is right in the room.

4. What do you consider the most important communication between you and the producer/artist?

4) Any communication between producer and artist is good… So we are all on the same page and reaching for the same goal….Sometimes you don't need to communicate as much because you trust each other…that comes from working together often.

5. As far as the final product goes.... How much is changed or left out of the recording when it hits radio?

5) It's hard to say…It really depends on the song….usually the song is changed….But you have no control over that…so you can't sweat it. Just do your best on the track and move on to the next…. (you also have to worry about the song coming out) but again we have no control over that Just control the things you can.

Play good…Show up…Do the best you can…keep it moving!!

Check out a sample of Chris' work below.

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